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♛ B L A C K
♛ 16 years old.
♛ Pokémon Black & White → Non-protagonist. AU.
♛ Team:
Honchkrowand her many Murkrow followers
XXX - reserved for Darkrai

♛ Younger twin brother to White; grew up in Nuvema with her, Cheren, and Bianca.
♛ Generally a sweet kid, but there was always something a little... off.
♛ Grew jealous of his sister, who seemed to constantly one-up him, whether intentionally or otherwise.
♛ Always had slight yan tendencies(usually just the expressions and cutting words), but with the beginning of his Trainer journey (he started with Scraggy) it really began to become apparent.
♛ Will now crush anyone who insults or otherwise aggravates him, but only when not surrounded by witnesses. (Lone Hikers beware.) You think that's enough money to hand over for losing the battle? Heh.
♛ Yans at his sister more than anyone. Seems to enjoy unnerving her.
♛ Hangs out at the Battle Subway a lot, to see dark-types from around the world.
♛ Can also be found in caves a lot. Often searches for gems, to feed his Sableye.
♛ Is more active at night, or in the dark in general.
♛ Dreams of one day capturing Darkrai. He gets excited when he talks about it.